Wynston Cooper, ARPS

''Hollyford View' was taken along the Hollyford Track in Fiordland National Park on Sunday 4 June 2006. The weather we experienced there over Queen's Birthday was the reverse of what we expected (i.e. we had steady rain on Saturday, clearing on Sunday whereas the forecast was for fine on Saturday and becoming cloudy with the potential for some rain later on the Sunday). It was taken on a Casio EX-Z57 'point and shoot' digital camera.

As an ornithologist and keen photographer I regularly use your site, having found it the most accurate indicator of long-range weather available.

Keep up the good work' wrote Wynston.

Alan Thomas, NIWA

Alan Thomas, NIWA

'We had an interesting sun pillar this morning (8 June 2006). This was clearly visible as we drove out to Lauder and I took a picture when we arrived. The sun pillar is still clearly visible, 0930, and extends both above and below the Sun. For a brief time a halo was visible with three false suns' wrote Alan.

'I understand that the pillars are caused by grazing reflections from the lower horizontal faces of (ice) plates from 'Color and Nature of Light' by David K. Lynch and William Livingston.'

Alex Parnham

'This is an awesome sunrise in Teanau in March 2006' wrote Alex.

Since publishing Alex's superb photograph we have received the following commentary from Ian Cooper. 'Alex Parnham's shot is not only a fine sun pillar but the pillar is capped with the rare upper tangent arc which appears as a steep V-shape at sunrise. The upper tangent arc flattens out to an arc capping a normal 22° halo when the sun reaches 30° in altitude' wrote Ian

Paul Moss

'We had quite a lot of skyborne ice crystals last weekend in Wellington, (9/10 September 2006) resulting in beautiful night and day skies. The numerous cloud layers were distinctly separate from each other, and in very delicate light greys. I took the city skyline at full moon drumming near civic square. I imaged moon halos late on Friday night and early on Sunday morning (02:00). I watched sun halos on Saturday and Sunday afternoon from the top of Melrose, a fantastic place to see Raukawa (Cook Strait). We saw myriads of life-like forms in the cumulous profiles. Please enjoy and feel free to post on your site' wrote Paul.

Paul Moss

Paul Moss

Paul wrote 'I have had a rare experience in Auckland today (11 July 2006), and attached the pics for you, use if you wish.

....just after I said I had never seen a clear sun dog, I get one that is un-believably bright!!. If I hadn't seen it I would doubt that any ray could be that bright. We had a halos fading up and down all afternoon, although never much more than a very subtle brightening and slight colour, but at 15:06 a sun dog appeared at the southern most edge of the halo, and was there for 4 minutes. When it began the left-hand side (southern) extended out with very bright white light, the colours being on the right-hand side, in line with the faint halo. After it faded another ray appeared almost overhead, a CZA (circumzenithal arc) (shown in the photograph above). There was some faint occasional brightening of the highest part of the halo, bending upwards at either end, maybe a tangent arc, but difficult to capture. The CZA was the brightest I have seen, perhaps my first positive sighting. I was at the Auckland Museum, and the setting certainly added to the experience, with a broad outlook far into the distance, for nearly 300 degrees.'

Tony Travaglia

'Hi James ...another picture, this time of the Zodiacal Light as seen from a couple of kilometres from Oamaru at a dark spot .....30 sec exposure f5.6 ISO 800 Canon 300D 16mm wide angle lens' wrote Tony.

Tony Travaglia

Tony wrote '...Attached find this magnificent cloud irization,.. the best I have ever seen.

Taken from the deck of the house and used a Canon 300D ....zoom lens at 200mm ... 26 August 2006 ...exposure 1200th sec @ f8 ISO 100 ...I was astounded at the range of colours and the vividness of them easily seen as long as the eyes were shaded from the direct sun, by the tree... weather conditions at the time of shooting 15:15 NZST, temperature out 10.3, humidity 62, dewpoint 3.3, wind chill 10, wind speed 3.3, wind direction 163, barometer 1005 steady, taken from my wx station.... '

Tony Travaglia

Lenticular clouds over Oamaru.

Darren McManaway

I know this photo isn't the best - sorry about that. The phone was the nearest photographic device within reach at the time.

And yes ..........don't you just hate those moments when you wish you could just stop the car and get out?!

This image was shot coming over the Auckland Harbour Bridge at around 14:50 on 9 August 2006. The system is around 5-6 km away, over towards Point Chevalier in West Auckland. It developed further than I can show - but my phone crashed so I didn't get any more pics.

Probably not spectacularly enough for claiming a spot on your page, but interesting enough to look at when you look at the clouds surrounding the vortex.

If you study the clouds around the funnel cloud - look either side of it, you can see a cloud formation and the funnel cloud coming down from near the center.

Ross Petherick

'Taken in Wellington, on the 10 August 2006 from Beacon Hill in Strathmore, looking towards Wrights Hill. Very strange that there was just one hole in the clouds in what was otherwise a solid cloud layer. The shadow being cast was from the small wisps of cloud that were below the "hole". Very strange' wrote Ross.

Ian Cooper has also sent some comments about Ross Petherick's photo shown above and Bruce Yorke's photograph shown below. Ian wrote 'Ross Pethrick's shot appears to be a hole punch cloud with the virga having descended through the hole and casting the shadows on the under side of the cloud layer. This is what it appears to be to me, although I have never seen nor heard of such a thing. I am convinced that high altitude virga such as that seen in Bruce Yorke's picture is the classic cause of hole punch clouds. The numerous examples that you have posted in your galleries of hole punch clouds almost all show virga forms above the holes and Bruce's shot is another classic example of this.'

Bruce Yorke

'This cloud formation photo was taken at Maungatapere West of Whangarei several months ago. I have never seen a cloud formation like this before. Could you please tell me more about it' wrote Bruce.

This looks like a classic hole punch cloud Bruce. We showed some similar hole punch clouds on the MetVUW web site in our Photograph of the Week feature on 19 April 2005 and on 25 October 2005.

Robin Booth

'Even between buildings in Auckland are beautiful clouds' wrote Robin.

David McDermott

David wrote 'Hi James, you may be interested in the following photo taken looking south over Geraldine late afternoon on the 19 September 2006'.

John Herrick

'Photo taken from Wellington Airport, over the Miramar Golf course, towards the hills of Strathmore on September 2006 I use your website for work, (Building) and play (Skiing and fishing).

Keep up the good work' wrote John.

Andrew Blackler

'Hope you like this: half way between Whatipu and Kerekere on Auckland's west coast. Eastern light illuminating the salt spray kicked up by the westerly wind. Taken at about 11:00 on Sunday 28 May 2006' wrote Andrew.

Ben Jackson

'I took this photo while on holiday in northern California. This show lasted about an hour and was absolutely amazing. Sadly, I have managed to corrupt many of the better photos but I think you get the idea.

The website is amazing, we use it a lot in Murchison because it allows us to watch the rain pretty well so we know when and where we should be whitewater kayaking' wrote Ben.

Many thanks for your photograph Ben, this is mammatus cloud, the editor's favourite cloud form. See the Previous Photograph of Week section below for other fine photographs of mammatus clouds.


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August 2006

This movie shows the weather for the month of August 2006. Click thumbnail or here to view the 1-31 August 2006 movie. (File size 5.44 Mbs)


QuickTime movie - 1-31 January 2006. (File size 5.43 Mbs)
QuickTime movie - 1-30 June 2006. (File size 9.24 Mbs)
QuickTime movie - 1-31 July 2006. (File size 5.73 Mbs)
QuickTime movie - severe snow storms 10-13 June 2006. (File size 683.1 kbs)

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